How to Choose the Best Scuba Diving Gear

Scuba diving is a very popular and interesting activity especially for those who want to explore the hidden beauty of the ocean. However, for enjoying a safe and successful dive into the depths of the blue ocean, adequate knowledge, compatible physical skills, and a good scuba diving gear gear is necessary.

How to choose the best scuba diving gear

As human bodies are not able to see, stay, and breathe in underwater without any equipment, here you must be equipped with the right scuba diving gear for staying in the depths of water. You must be well prepared by learning the technical skills of diving and, above all, the right equipment.

Choosing an adequate Scuba Diving Gear

When you decide to buy your diving gear, there can be overwhelming choices for a diver. With the continuous evolvement of dive gear technologies, there is always a variety of new dive gear to choose from.

It can be difficult to choose the best from many choices and which pieces of dive gear must be on priority while buying. For your ultimate guide, basic scuba diving equipment you will need and how you can choose the best equipment is described here as under:

1. Diving Mask

The diving mask allows you to focus underwater by creating an air space in front of your eyes and it must be chosen with care. The mask is one of the most important parts of your scuba diving gear, since it will provide you the visibility you need underwater.

How to Choose the best scuba diving mask ?

Wear the mask without straps and look up at the ceiling, it must be fit evenly without any gaps. Check the mask with snorkel mouthpiece in your mouth, it must be comfortable without any gaps.

Choose the best Scuba Diving Mask

Inhale through your nose while wearing your mask without straps. It must be easily fit and seal on your face. Take a sniff test by using a mouthpiece.

Now wear your mask by adjusting the strap and nose pocket must not touch your nose and check if the skirt is comfortable on your upper lip.  Check your regulator mouthpiece by putting it on and to make sure that you can easily reach the nose pocket and can equalize your ears.

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These are the requirements for choosing a potential diving mask for you. There is a whole range of options on masks for wider vision like with side, top, and bottom panes. There is a variety of masks with different color schemes according to personal preferences, you should choose the best fit for you according to these instructions.  Clear or light-colored mask skirts are more comfortable and let more light in.

2. Snorkel

It is a curved tube through which you breathe while floating face-down on the water surface.

How to Choose the best Snorkel ?

Comfort is the priority while choosing your snorkel mouthpiece that feels good and you can breathe dry and easy. The snorkel must be dry but not bulkier and harder to breathe through.

How to choose the best snorkel

The good snorkel has both facilities such as ease of breathing and dry comfort. The bigger snorkel creates more drag in the water. It is also important how the snorkel attaches to the mask. Durable, simple, and easy-to-operate attachments are always preferable.

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3. Wetsuit

The wetsuit is a common part o the scuba diving gear, specially useful in non-tropical waters. A wetsuit keeps you warm by keeping water out and providing insulation against heat loss. These are exposure suits that protect you from the cooling effect of water.

Wetsuite of the Scuba Diving Gear

How to choose the best wetsuit ?

These suits must be fit snugly and your breathing and movement must be comfortable underwater. Loose suits are not preferable to wear because water can circulate due to gaps at the arm, leg, neck, and crotch, and suit’s ability to prevent heat loss is affected. Therefore, the wetsuit must fit correctly. You can choose basic models according to your budget route but it must be fit and comfortable.

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4. Fins

Fins in scuba diving are used to aid the divers in moving swiftly and effortlessly just like fish.  As the fish don’t have legs and that fins are the best way for divers to move through the water. The fins are a very important part of the scuba diving gear.

How to choose the best scuba diving fins

How to Choose the best fins ?

Again comfort and efficiency are the priority while choosing the best fins for you. If fins don’t pinch your toes and you feel comfortable to move the arches of your feet that will be a good snug fit. Never compromise with the fitting of your fins as the good fins will be your best companion in the water while moving swiftly.
The efficiency of fins is associated with the size, stiffness, and design of fins. Divers with a strong leg can use a bigger, stiffer fin while less conditioned divers will be more comfortable with smaller and flexible fins. Buckles and straps must be easy to use. Choosing the right pair is also important to prevent cramping and muscle fatigue.

5. Scuba diving Regulator

Scuba regulators are used for converting the high-pressure air to ambient pressure in your tank for your easy breathing.

Scuba diving gear regulatoror

How to Choose the best scuba diving regulator ?

You must look for high performance while choosing the best regulator for you. A regulator must deliver a high volume of air at depth for divers. It should also provide air under heavy exertion even at low tank pressure.

Some regulators also have knobs and switches that are controlled by divers to aid this process. So it is also important that you understand the working of all the knobs and controls.

Breathing on a regulator and testing it in a dive store does not give you an idea about its performance underwater. So, you will learn more by trying regulators in different diving situations.

6. Dive Computer

The computers are used to constantly monitor the depth and bottom time while diving. Dive computers automatically recalculate your no-decompression status, display your ascent profile, and much more.

The computer is also a key part of the scuba diving gear, specially if you are diving by yourself (not really recommended) or with a few friends without a local guide (also not really recommended)

how to choose the best scuba computer

How to Choose the best scuba diving computer ?

Dive computers must be user-friendly. This device must be feature-packed and must be accessed easily and quickly where you can find the basic information easily and quickly during a dive such as depth, time, decompression information, and tank pressure.

Some models have two displays such as numeric and graphic displays for quick information retrieval. Before choosing the dive computer, see the owner’s manual and understand the complete instructions as they must be easy-to-understand for you for operating in the future.

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Other parts of the Scuba Diving Gear

The above-mentioned gear is the basic and important for a successful diving experience. Some other things must be considered while diving such as diving gloves to keep your hands warm.This is specially important if you are diving in waters with low temperatures, but is not really necessary in tropical areas.

Another vital component of diving gear is the scuba tank that stores large volumes of air for your breathing underwater. You can invest in it or you can rent them if you are not a frequent diver.

The Depth Gauge which includes Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG), & Compass is a depth gauge for measuring current and maximum depth during a dive. Your SPG will also show remaining air in your scuba tank and compass helps you to navigate underwater.

Some other parts of the scuba diving gear can include tank bangers, underwater lights, a defogger, dive knives, writing slates, and most important one a first aid kit. All these things must be chosen with the priority of your comfort and ease of use.

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The Bottom Line

While choosing your diving gear, always keep in mind that your needs are different from every diver and you won’t necessarily need to have the complete equipment list for diving.

Your diving gear needs depends on your goals and your diving conditions. But you must have the best equipment to keep you safe and to enjoy your dive to the fullest.

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