We are fortunate to be located in an area where we get to experience 2 seasons of humpback whales visiting our coastline!


From Aug-Nov we are visited by the Southern Pacific humpbacks who travel thousands of miles from Antarctica to mate and give birth in the warm shallow waters off our coast.

A few months later, from January to about March, we say hola to the humpbacks from the Northern population who similarly have journeyed thousands of miles to escape the Arctic winter. It is estimated that there are about 6000 whales in the Southern population and only about 2000 in the Northern migration – many overwintering in Hawaii. This means that September and October are the best months in the year to see these majestic, acrobatic, and HUGE mammals… often from very close range! During this time we have many tourists – both Costa Rican and foreigners – who come to experience the humpbacks.

More details coming soon…