Our Diving Boats

We care about your safety and comfort

Our Diving Boats

We care about your safety and comfort

The distance between Uvita and Caño Island is 32 miles, so a good part of our day will be lived from there. That is why our clients like to know in advance the characteristics of the diving boats that they will board on the day of their tour.

Our own boats mean greater safety and better experiences.

We have at your service FOUR DIVING BOATS and we are the only company in Uvita area that owns its own watercrafts so we don’t have the need to rent this equipment from anyone else.

We can pay attention to the maintenance of each part of the equipment and we have boats specifically designed for our activity.

This also allows us to offer more exclusive tours because we can divide the groups according to different factors such as customer experience and also provides a lot of security to our operation since the boats always travel accompanied.

Bote La diabla

La Diabla

36 feet
2 engines with 300 hp each

Mako Shark Diving Boat

Mako Shark

30 feet
2 engines with 250 horse power each

Manta Pacifica Diving Boat

Manta Pacífica

30 feet
1 engine with 300 horse power

Flying Fish Bote de buceo

Flying Fish

29 pies
1 engine with 250 horse power

Essential Qualities of Reliable Diving Boats

When it comes to diving tours, having good quality and safe diving boats is absolutely essential.

A dependable and well-maintained boat not only ensures the safety of the divers, but also provides a comfortable and stable platform for the diving experience at Caño Island

Diving boats that are equipped with the latest safety features and technology offer peace of mind to the divers, allowing them to fully enjoy the underwater world without worry.

Radio Communications


The location of our dive shop is privileged since we are only 200 meters from the sea.
That is why we can have our own radio base and a 60 feet antenna at the top of our roof which allows us to communicate with our boats at all times and constantly monitor the development of the activities.

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