Meet the team

In Costa Rica Dive and Surf the most important thing is the people.

Our work team is made up of very well trained people in different areas. Each of us passionately loves what he does and that has been key to our success.

We have walked for a long time together and that is why we already consider ourselves a family. The CRDS Family.

Cristian Mejias


Maykol Miranda


Leiner Mejias


Jefferson Mora


Andy Quesada

Captain Assistant / Captain in training

Miguel Vargas Cano

Captain Assistant / Divemaster in training

Adriana Naranjo

Dive Instructor / Marine Biologist

Ian Nitsche Rodríguez

Dive Instructor

Yan Tutschka


Leo Rojas

Divemaster / Snorkeling Guide /
Corcovado Guide

Mauricio Cruz

Mauricio Cruz

Dive Instructor

Marta Cambra

Conservation Manager

Cristian Vargas

Equipment Maintenance

Javier Godinez


Firmiano Filho

Marketing and Dron Operator

Melissa Morales

Tours Coordinator

Alex Nuñez

Tours Coordinator

Willi Vargas

Owner / Divemaster

Roberto Vargas

Owner / Dive Instructor

Michael Shellard

Owner / Dive Instructor

Richard Krug