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This time, we want to share with you the advantages of traveling to Isla del Caño with us. Considering aspects of experience, location, safety, and taking into account the current situation.

aerial view of caño island
Caño Island Natural Reserve in Costa Rica

At Costa Rica Dive and Surf, we have always felt fortunate to have a large number of clients. Every day, more people come to us to enjoy the best of diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica.

That’s why if you decide to visit the Biological Reserve for diving or snorkeling and consider us as an option, we would like to mention 10 advantages of traveling to Isla del Caño with us.

Your trip to Isla del Caño will be the safest, highest quality, and lowest priced in the entire region. Here are the advantages:

Diving Center near San José

We are the diving center that operates trips to Isla del Caño which is closest. We are located just 3 hours and 30 minutes from San José.
Traveling to Isla del Caño with Costa Rica Dive and Surf will save you fuel and time.

Dive Center located very close to Marino Ballena Park.

Marino Ballena National Park
Aerial view of Marino Ballena National Park

The diving center is located just 200 meters from Marino Ballena Park, where our adventure begins.
Once at our diving center, your parked vehicle will be safe and monitored by security cameras from our office.

After checking in, we can walk calmly to the beach located within Marino Ballena Park, in Uvita.

The Diving Center has showers and space to leave your belongings safely.

If you forgot something at the diving center and realized it when you arrived at the boat, it’s no problem. We are so close that a member of our staff will gladly pick it up, and it will take less than 5 minutes.

The best diving equipment in the Uvita area

We have top-quality diving equipment from the MARES brand. Most of the equipment was recently acquired.
We strictly follow the cleaning and disinfection procedures of all diving equipment against the spread of infectious diseases according to guidelines specifically developed for our industry.

High-quality compressed air diving tanks

scuba diving tanks

The quality of the air that will fill your lungs during almost two hours of diving is vital.
At CRDS, we have modernized our tank filling room with two new Coltri compressors operating in a completely sealed environment.

The compressor room is fed by filtered air flow, which is then cooled by an air conditioner that also reduces humidity. Once compressed and filtered by the compressor, it passes through a moisture separator and is filtered again in a larger unit.

We invite you to visit our diving tank filling room on your next visit to our center.

Safety during the trip to Isla del Caño

Isla del Caño is located 52 kilometers from the coast, and during the rainy season, it is common to encounter small storms and swells.
Venturing out in a small boat to Isla del Caño can take up to 2 hours and be risky.

Costa Rica Dive and Surf boats engines

Our main boat for traveling to Isla del Caño measures 34 feet and is equipped with two 250-horsepower engines.

This allows us to travel to Isla del Caño in just 45 minutes and with total safety and stability.

The quality and maintenance of the engines are very important when it comes to safety. Our engines receive constant maintenance from the Suzuki agency with which we maintain a close business relationship.

Costa Rica Dive and Surf engines
Costa Rica Dive and Surf boat Suzuki engines

Each boat maintains radio communication at all times, as we have our transmission tower. Each vessel traveling to Isla del Caño is also equipped with a GPS system that allows us to know its exact location in real-time from our offices.

The size of our boat allows for practicing the necessary social distancing measures for safe diving.

Diving experts with excellent customer service

All personnel at the Diving Center are professional and well-trained. We have experienced and certified captains who will safely take us to Isla del Caño.

Our tour guides and diving instructors are licensed by the ICT. Each of them has completed thousands of dives and experiences at Isla del Caño.

We are particularly proud to have two shark specialist biologists as part of our instructor staff. This will allow you to learn, enjoy, and share the vision of scientists on board.

It has been 12 years since our first dives on the coasts of Uvita, Bahía Ballena, and Isla del Caño. So we have a lot of information to share with you about these incredible areas.

We are a diving center with Tourist Declaration.

The Tourist Declaration is a recognition extended by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute to companies that meet a series of technical, economic, and legal requirements to guarantee the legality of tourist activity and achieve one of the main objectives of the institute:
“to achieve the highest quality of the Costa Rican tourist product.”

declared tourist company

This generates confidence for our clients and a significant reduction in the cost of the tour because the companies that have obtained this certification collect a Value Added Tax of only 4%.

ICT Tourist declared company
It is worth noting that we are the only diving center in the Uvita area with this important seal.

We support research projects on Isla del Caño.

We are very aware of the importance of caring for the ocean. That is why we support the project of the CIMAR Marine Sciences Institute of the University of Costa Rica, called “The Secret Life of Sharks,” when they conduct their research on Isla del Caño.
Camera Project the secret life of sharks
One of the researchers leading this project is also part of our staff, so the bond is close, and every day we are more involved.

Marine biologist takes measurements on Caño Island

Marine biologist taking measurements on Isla del Caño
You can be sure that a small part of your money will be allocated to conducting research in the Biological Reserve in order to protect it even more.

We will keep you informed of progress in research and conservation on Isla del Caño through our social networks.

You can learn more about this project on its official Facebook profile.

You may also be interested in What do sharks do when we don’t see them?

We offer the best price for diving on Isla del Caño.

We constantly offer promotions to encourage Costa Rican divers to visit Isla del Caño.
We firmly believe in the right and the need for Costa Ricans to know their own country.

For this reason, we have launched the Dive with your ID initiative, where we frequently offer discounts for national divers.

Personalized experiences for each diver

At Costa Rica Dive and Surf, we understand that each diver is unique, with different levels of experience and expectations. That’s why we offer personalized experiences to ensure that each dive is memorable and tailored to your needs.

Whether you are a beginner who wants a closer and more detailed guide or an experienced diver looking for a challenging and exciting dive, our team will adapt to provide you with the best possible experience.

Additionally, if you are interested in something specific, such as underwater photography or the observation of particular marine species, we are happy to adjust our itineraries and services to meet your interests and desires.

By choosing us, you ensure a diving adventure that is not only safe and professional but also tailored to you.

How to book your Tour to travel to Isla del Caño?

You can visit the Dive with your ID section to learn more about this exclusive program for national divers.

Dive with your ID
If you are Costa Rican and would like to visit Isla del Caño, please contact us on WhatsApp at (506) 8478 4848 or (506) 2787 0362. You can also send us a message here or from our Facebook profile

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