Caño Island Scuba Diving Tour

The best diving destination
in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dive and Surf’s Caño Island Scuba Diving Tour is your ticket to spectacular dive sites widely praised as some of the best scuba diving in the world, not just the best Costa Rica scuba diving. The Caño Island Biological Reserve is a veritable wonderland of marine life, replete with vibrant coral and stunning aquatic creatures.

Scuba Diving Tour Information

Daily tours meets at 7 am at our Uvita dive shop and returns between 2:00-3:00 pm
Includes national park fees, equipment, certified instructor, lunch and a great time.
2 dives in different spots

Caño Island diving information

Just 32 miles offshore of Uvita Beach and positioned squarely within a massive current of the Pacific Ocean, Isla del Caño draws a diverse population of migratory creatures, such as whales and turtles, to its adjacent environs as well as hosting over 70 indigenous species within its borders.

DISTANCE FROM SHORE53 km; Average 80 minutes from the coast
VISIBILITYFrom 20 to 60 feet
MAX DEPTHFrom 30 to 100 feet
TEMPERATUREFrom 70ºF to 86ºF
CURRENTSPresence of moderate currents and small waves. Strong currents and surge possible at Bajo del Diablo.
BOTTOM TYPERock formations and sand bottoms.
COMMON SPECIESWhite tip reef sharks, jacks, Southern sting rays, snappers, puffer fishes, angel fish, butterfly fish, moray eels, octopuses, sea turtles, lobsters

The colorful and majestic living-reef system surrounding the Caño Island is replete with marine organisms, including multiple types of Shellfish, Sponges, Mollusks, Arthropods, Fish, Marine Reptiles and Sea Mammals.

Common, Bottlenose and Spotted Dolphins are regularly seen, as well as White Tip and Reef Sharks. Eagle Rays, Giant Manta Rays and Moray Eels are also regular sights on many of our dives.

If you’re really lucky you might see a Whale Shark or a Humpback Whale. These animals, while rare, have been spotted during some of our Caño Island Scuba Diving Tours during whale-watching season.

The Mini Cocos Island

The island was founded in 1978 as part of the Costa Rican National Park System. “La Reserva Biológica Isla del Caño”, protects 800 acres of land on the island itself. It also protects  over 14,000 surrounding marine acres.

The Caño Island Biological Reserve was one of the very first reserves created for the enormous Costa Rican National Parks. These Parks protect a stunning 25 percent of all the land in Costa Rica. Also protect 10 vast stretches of the adjacent Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Caño Island is often referred to as “Mini Cocos Island” due to similarities in their ecosystems, unspoiled state of preservation, well-deserved reputation for water visibility and the diversity of its underwater fauna.

There are strict government policies on the number of daily visitors to the island as well as the number of boats which are allowed to anchor with scuba divers and snorkelers. making reservations as far in advance as possible is strongly recommended.

About the Caño Island Scuba Diving Tour

Leaving bright and early, much of the trip will be spent in transit in full view of the majestic panorama of the Costa Ballena. This is a unique area of Costa Rica where Pacific Ocean waves lap against the shores of the coastal mountain range. Various sea creatures such as dolphins and whales are regularly seen along the way.

Once we arrive at the island, two dives will be performed at different locations. Locations are chosen depending on conditions at the island and the guidance of our knowledgeable Captain and Divemaster.

The quantity and sheer diversity of the Costa Rica Marine Life you will encounter on an Isla del Caño Scuba Diving Tour is so truly astounding.  You might want to reserve your spot right then for the next day’s tour!

We always operate with small groups, keeping your Caño Island Scuba Tour friendly, intimate and safe. If you’re looking for the best Costa Rica scuba diving available, Isla del Caño is where you will find it!

Find out more about our Caño Island Scuba Diving Tour for PADI certified divers or check out our Caño Island Discover Scuba Diving Tour page if you’ve never been diving before!

You can find more information about this beautiful island here.