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Domincal overview

Surfing in Dominical is awesome! The beach is huge, about 2 miles long. Best waves are near the Rio Baru river. What’s cool is that the waves can handle any size, thanks to the river making a trench. So, whether it’s big waves or smaller ones in the dry season, Dominical is a perfect spot to catch some waves and have a blast! Plus, it’s a great beach for beginners to take surf lessons

Surf Lessons for beginners in Dominical

A student is considered a beginner if they lack prior surfing experience or if their surfing efforts have been sporadic, preventing the acquisition of essential skills for independent wave riding.

During the initial stage, beginners primarily navigate through white water, riding waves perpendicular to the shoreline.

At our surf school in Uvita, the surf lessons comprise both theoretical and practical components.

The THEORETICAL segment occurs either at our facilities or on the beach, right in front of the designated surf spot.

The introductory level of our surf school covers the following subjects:

  • History of surfing,
  • The surfboard and its parts.
  • The types of wave and how to identify them,
  • Aspects related to the safety of the participants.
  • General explanation about the activity to be carried out in the water.
Group of surfers after surf lessons in dominical
Take Surf Lessons in Dominical. A wonderful beach to learn surf and enjoy the waves

The instructor will demonstrate proper paddling technique and how to stand up on the board. Then exercises will be practiced on land in preparation for later doing them in the water.

The PRACTICE takes place at sea from one of the local beaches. We usually offer lessons from the Marino Ballena National Park but other beaches we commonly visit are Dominical, Dominicalito and Hermosa.

These are the best surf spots in the South Pacific.

During practice the instructor will stay with the students at all times to ensure their safety and learning.

The main goal is to stand up in as many waves as possible.

If you have any questions about the surf lessons in uvita, please contact us. Our staff is always ready to help you!

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