Top 5 Dive Regulators in 2023 | Choose the best scuba regulator for you

Without a doubt, the scuba regulator is your best friend underwater.Without it, we would be limited to surface and free diving.
Regulators are what allow us to breathe high-pressure compressed air at depth.

What should you look for in a scuba regulator?

You must be wondering how to choose one scuba regulator over another? A good diving regulator should meet some of these characteristics.

  • Best overall
  • Best high end
  • Best budget
  • Best mid-range
  • Really durable
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for new divers

Which are the best scuba dive regulators?

Scuba dive regulator cressi AC2

There are different alternatives, according to the user’s need, or according to what the diver is looking for.

In this article we bring you 5 of those that we consider the best, with their characteristics, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Apeks XTX 200 professional dive regulator

While this scuba regulator is fairly inexpensive, it is an excellent high-end regulator, and one with above average performance.

This is a regulator designed for the highest standards, whether in terms of demand and performance, as well as its operation.

All the smallest details have been considered in this regulator.

The first part of the Cressi air regulator is very good for diving in cold water, and due to the order of its medium pressure connections it is the ideal hose.
On the other hand, the second phase is smaller. It has maximum power and great resistance.

The Cressi air regulator also includes the “Dry Chamber”. This is also called environmental protection freezing system.
It has two high pressure outlets and four outlet hose ports, which are not difficult to orient upwards.

This regulator provides high comfort for the diver to breathe in any layer of breathing resistance.

It also comes with a continuous screw, which allows you to transform the pressure from left to right.

Another advantage of this regulator is the fact that it is compatible with all DCE hose models.

In this model the bubbles are interchangeable, which allows you to choose between the breathing regulator mounted on the small bubbles or the compact Octupus.

In summary we can say of this model that:

  • It is a high end regulator.
  • It is excellent for diving in cold water
  • It has dry chamber protection
  • apeks xtx200 regulator
  • apeks xtx200 scuba regulator
Dive reguladors apeks xtx200
Dive reguladors apeks xtx200

Approximate price: 450 dollars

Cressi AC2 Compact air regulator – DIN 300

This diving regulator features light weight and high reliability.

These two characteristics make it the most recommended for travelers and also for diving centers.

These scuba regulators come with asymmetric front drilling.

The flow of water pushes the membrane counterclockwise, allowing retraction to occur perfectly flat Patented Cam Tilt.

According to the factory description of the new Cressi, it reduces the friction coefficient from 0.2 to 0.001.
This means that the diver’s exhalation effort is reduced without reducing the thickness of the membrane.

Another very interesting feature of this economical Cressi air regulator is that its cover lock is of great amplitude, which allows the insertion and extraction movement to be differentiated into two phases.

In this way, it avoids involuntary release in the event of any type of impact.

The improved second stage is super simplified. It has a monocoque in abs, elastomer.
We can say that it is simplified, much lighter, but at the same time, very robust.

This diving regulator also has an embedded membrane. Embedded membrane helps prevent water from seeping in, in case of sharp turns.

It is also easy to clean even without tools, due to its simple assembly system.

We can summarize the characteristics of this regulator, as follows.

  • It is a very easy regulator to manage.
  • It is suitable for diving and snorkeling.
  • Has a reduced exhalation effort
dive regulador cressi ac2
Dive regulador cressi ac2

Approximate price: 200 dollars

Mares Rover dive regulator

Our number three choice for scuba regulators is the Mares scuba Ralugator.

This regulator is has Techno Polymer, and it is a very interesting option that has the following characteristics.
Its first stage is resistant, compact and light.

It has an INT/DIN connection and also has an area for an RFID chip. The control is done by piston.

The second stage brings the mesh grille, the hose material is rubber and is medium in size.

It also has a very large purge button.

It has a mesh grid design. This design decreases the impact in the water.
The water goes to the second stage membrane, which means the elimination of continuous flow, even in strong currents.


  • Allows easy breathing at any depth.
  • Its design reduces the impact of water.
  • Due to its manufacturing material, it is extremely light.


  • Not recommended for cold water
  • regulator mares rover 2s
  • mares rover 2s regulator
dive regulator mares rover 2s
Dive regulator Mares Rover 2s

Approximate price: 400 dollars

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Cressi Comfortable dive regulator

Among the recommendations of diving regulators, we also have the Cressi Comfortable Diving Regulator.

This model also offers asymmetrical front perforation, so the water flow pushes the membrane counterclockwise for excellent in-plane retraction. Patented Cam Tilt.

It has a new patent, which reduces the coefficient of friction. This means that it is not necessary to reduce the thickness of the membrane to reduce the exhalation effort.

Features removable lid lock. With it, it is not necessary to use tools and angles that prevent accidental release in the event of a blow.

Approximate price: 210 dollars

Dive regulator Cressi Xs Compact

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Cressi xs compact dive regulator

To end with the recommendations of diving regulators, we highlight this model which has asymmetric frontal perforation, the flow of water presses the membrane in an anti-clockwise direction for an ideal flat retraction Tilting of the patented cam.

It includes a new patent to reduce the coefficient of friction, the energy for exhalation is less without reducing the thickness of the membrane, and the locking latch of the lid has a large amplitude, can be removed without tools and prevents accidental release if they occur. hits.

dive regulator Cressi xs compact dive regulator
Cressi xs compact dive regulator

Approximate price: 220 dollars

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