Surfing Dominical beach in Costa Rica

Dominical beach in Costa Rica is a highly raved about spot in the world of surfing. Hundreds of international surfers visit the foliage framed beaches every year. However, the spot is not as crowded as some of the other, more popular surf cities in Costa Rica.  Giving it the advantage of being less crowded and more waves to go around.

The best about Dominical beach

Surfing Dominical Beach

So what’s the hype surrounding Dominical beach all about? Well one of the best things about the wave down is the fact that it can get really big without closing out too much. It can truly hold a lot of water, which draws in some serious adrenaline junkies. Another great thing is that the wave is very consistent, with surfable waves almost all year long. The waves have that iconic, round, peeling shape that surfers are always searching for

Dominical’s breaks are all along one beautiful 2 kilometer stretch of beach. There is something for everyone but most waves are for intermediate to advanced level as the waves are quite. The closer you surf towards the river mouth, the more dangerous it is, so better to be careful.

If you are a surf beginner and would like to improve your skills by practicing in Dominical Beach, sign up for one of our Surf Lessons here. If you are an advanced surfer and want to take the step to the next level, contact us today !

Additionally, if you would like to know more about Dominical, have a look here !

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