Surf Lessons

Learn or improve your surfing skills

When people think of Costa Rica, the first thing that usually comes to mind is surfing. Home to many varied breaks, from beginner to advanced, the Ballena Coast is an excellent place to try surfing for the first time, take some surf lessons or advance your surfing skills!

Surf Lessons Information

$50 – Beginner Lesson
$65 – Novice Lesson
$80 – Intermediate Lesson

About Dominical Beach

Home to one of the most consistent breaks in the world, Playa Dominical surfing is about as good as it gets as a choice for any vacation that includes surfing. In addition to the main break of Dominical beach, there are also several nearby breaks like Playa Dominicalito and the Point, which offer a perfect selection of waves for every level of surfer – from beginner to seasoned pro.

Our Surf Instructors are intimately acquainted with the local breaks and what skill set a given surfer would need to ride them. This varied assortment of breaks makes Costa Ballena surfing an incredible choice for surfers of all skill levels to take lessons. You can be sure when you take lessons with us that the conditions will be suited to your abilities, within your capability but also challenging. Currently we are offering 3 levels of lessons, Beginner, Novice and Intermediate which pretty much covers all levels of surfers who actually still require lessons.

Surf Lessons in Costa Rica

For Beginners

These lessons are designed with someone who has never ridden a surfboard before or participated in any board sport. Emphasis will be on safety first, how to stand up and balance on the surfboard while on the sand, how to manipulate the board in the water, proper techniques once standing in the water, how to read the ocean, etc. It is the perfect introduction to surfing and is all about getting you in the water safely with enough knowledge to get up on the surfboard and enjoy some waves.

For Novice

These lessons are for people who may have been surfing before but it’s been a long time since they have, or they still feel as if they need more instruction before going out solo. Your instructor will interview you and discuss your experience level with a goal of tailoring your lesson to address areas you would like to improve at as well as increase you overall surfing skill set.

For Intermediate

These lessons are for people who know how to surf but really want to take the step to the next level. Drawing from a pool of some of our best local surfers, including some of our Instructors, we will find the best qualified person to increase your surfing skill. First, you will give your own evaluation of your skills to your instructor, then they will watch you surf for an hour or so and make observations and recommendations of areas of improvement. Once we have identified areas of need both where you want to improve and where your instructor thinks you need improvement, your instructor will spend 2 hours in the water with you working on those specific skills.

What are the topics covered during a Surf Lesson ?

  • Basic rules of surfing
  • Choosing the best surfboard for your skill level and wave conditions
  • Standing on your surfboard
  • Paddling while on your surfboard
  • Proper riding technique
  • Choosing the best waves
  • Best ways to catch a wave
  • Recognizing and avoiding dangers while surfing
  • Entering and exiting the Surf zone
  • Dropping in and riding waves
  • Surf etiquette
  • Safety rules
  • Surfboard design and functionality
  • How waves are created and different types of breaks