Ready to take your surfing to the next level ? – Intermediate surfer

If you are an intermediate surfer that already knows the basics of the sport, including the parts of the board, pop up techniques and how to catch waves, you are ready to not only start riding down the face of waves but start graduating into some maneuvers or “surf moves”. If you are not surf whether you are a beginner or an intermediate surfer, you know by how much water time you have under your belt, how comfortable you feel in the line-up, and the fact that you can paddle out safely and catch waves regularly solo. So what are some tips for intermediate surfers looking to improve their craft?

1.) Make sure you have graduated out of riding the already broken waves or “whitewater”

You can’t progress much as a surfer if you are spending all your time in the white water. This is why riding the unbroken wave or in the “pocket” of the wave rather than the white water is imperative if you want to improve. This means practice, practice, practice. Riding the white water on a longboard is great for practicing pop-ups, but if you want to go “down the line” you’ll have to ride the face of the wave.

2.) Perfect paddling out

Practice paddling out sitting up, turning around and catching your own green waves before they have broken. Timing is everything and patience is key. This is a sport that isn’t necessarily about athleticism only, the more time you spend in the water the better. Sit up on your board and turn around all while using your feet. Don’t rely on lying on your belly and turning around to catch waves quickly enough.

3.) Practice riding down the face of the wave at an angle

The only place on the wave that you can do maneuvers is on the face of the wave, so you will have to get used to distinguishing whether a wave is breaking left or right. Also, learning to ride in the pocket and away from the white water to lengthen your ride time is key. This will free up room to do any maneuvers you may be eager to try and practice.

Specific Surf Lessons for an Intermediate surfer

At Costa Rica Dive and Surf we have designed  specific Surf Lessons for Intermediate Surfers. If you are interested please contact us here. You can also book a lesson directly in our website.

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