Top 5 Best Places to Scuba Dive with Sharks

Diving with sharks is hardly a common experience in life.Rather, it is a magical experience like no other.

For those who love adrenaline, being face to face with these incredible animals is priceless.

No matter which species of them you see, tiger sharks, bull sharks, hammerheads, or smaller shark species, nothing compares to the experience of being up close to them.

In this article I will tell you about 5 best places that I consider are the best to dive and see sharks.

First , lets answer a few questions about sharks…

Is diving with sharks dangerous?

Sharks and very powerful creatures! Although sharks are carnivorous, they do not feed on divers or humans.

When we talk about sharks, almost all people are very clear that they are dangerous animals.

is dangerous to dive shark

As some say, they are difficult animals to tame.
However, very few people know that wasps, for example, kill more people than sharks.

Wasps kill a hundred people a year. Even some common household appliances, such as toasters, kill more people a year than sharks.
According to statistics, toasters kill around 700 people each year. Another interesting example is dogs. Dog attacks end up killing about fifty people per year in the United States, taking this country as a reference.

About 600 people who fall from chairs die each year.
That is, it is more likely that a chair, a dog or a toaster will kill you than a shark attack at sea.

Why do sharks attack human?

And the answer for this question is, in most cases, “by accident.” Most shark species do not attack humans.
Sharks don’t attack people just for fun. The problem is the preconception people have about them because of the shark movies that started in the 1970s.

Among the rare shark attacks on humans, the groups that were statistically affected were surfers and swimmers. This is because sharks do not have good visibility and their ophthalmology and other senses are what guide them to find their food.

In other words, those attacks in most cases occur due to confusion more than anything else.

It is interesting how divers from all over the world travel miles of kilometers to reach the dive sites in the hope of seeing sharks.

While, at the same time, countless beachgoers remain traumatized by their idea of ​​sharks, due to a “Jaws” movie from the 1970s.

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How can you keep safety when diving with sharks?

Remember that out of more than 300 species listed, only 5 species of sharks are potentially dangerous for humans: the great white shark, the bulldog shark, the tiger shark, the blue oceanic shark and the Mako.

dive shark keep safe

Other sharks are generally harmless despite their imposing size this is the case for whale sharks for example.

We should respect some basic rules to prevent shark attacks during bathing and in all cases in regions at risk.

  • The first is compliance with security measures
  • Do not bathe close to the mouth of a river ,especially after rain, or in unclear waters
  • Do not bathe in forbidden places
  • Do not bathe at dusk or at dawn -hunting time-
  • Choose to swim or sur in a group
  • Do not use excessive colored material or of shiny material
  • Get out of the water immediately in case of shark alert
  • In case of confrontation with the shark, try to position himself in such a way as to be seen and recognized by him

Best Places to Scuba Dive with Sharks


Diving with sharks in Hawaii! One of the most interesting features of Hawaii is its tropical climate.

There you can dive throughout the year in warm and transparent waters.

You can also admire the variety of marine life and the extraordinary and colorful coral reefs.

shark diving hawaii

In Hawaii, you don’t even need scuba gear to swim with the pelagic sharks. All you need is snorkel gear to be able to observe marine life, including sharks.
Normally on these snorkel dives, you will be able to see sharks, whales, when it is whale season, dolphins, tuna, and many other species of marine life.

It goes without saying that the waters of Hawaii are the dream of every marine photographer, expert or amateur.
On a regular dive, amateur divers must be accompanied by a divemaster.
Diving and snorkeling with sharks is simply an experience that will last a lifetime!


So! Diving with sharks in Florida? Florida is home to the largest sharks on and around the East Coast.
On a typical trip to see the sharks in Florida, you must navigate in deep water, which is where the largest shark species in the ocean are found.

shark diving florida

At a distance of approximately 3 miles from the coast.
Shark species that can be seen in the deep-water environs of Hawaii include great hammerheads, bull sharks, tiger sharks, silky sharks, dusky, sandbar, and reef sharks.

It is the perfect place to see these sharks face to face. Visibility is very good and temperatures are between 70 and 80 degrees Ferheim.

In these encounters with sharks, expert divers can participate as well as amateur divers or tourists who want to experience diving, with the help of cages.


In South Africa you can even see up to thirty oceanic sharks, the bull shark, black tip shark, silky, hammerhead, tiger sharks, among others.

shark diving in south africa

In addition to this, Cape Town is home to around sixty thousand fur seals.

Cape Town is one of the few places in the world where you can witness the magnificence of great white sharks in their natural habitat.

It is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In Cape Town you can go shark dive in a cage, no experience in diving required.

You can go for a day out on the open waters of the Cape’s Shark Alley near Dyer Island, to see the great white sharks, Cape Fur Seals, African Penguins and a variety of sea birds.

You may also go for seasonal whale sightings.


The Bahamas is the destination for thrill seekers, who have long since come every year to dive with the sharks.

One of the most important reasons why divers choose to go to the Bahamas is because of its easy access from North America, South America, and Europe.

shark diving

In the Bahamas there are three main places where you can dive with sharks.


In Bimini you will be able to see hammerhead sharks.

Cat Island

Cat Island is famous for whitetip shark sightings.

Tiger Beach

The third place that I recommend you is Tiger Beach.

His name says it all. Tiger Beach is famous because there you will see tiger sharks.

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If you are seeking diving with sharks in Costa Rica, you must come to Cocos Island.

This island is more than famous for shark encounters.

shark diving - hammerhead shark

Cocos Island is 550 kilometers from the Pacific coast.
The main attraction of this area are the scalloped sharks.

You will also find whitetip, silky, Galapagos, blacktip and silvertip reef sharks.
The only way to get there is by boat.
The best time to dive with sharks in Cocos Island is from June to December.

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