10 Things deadlier than Sharks

Sharks attacks are actually a rare incident.  There are 489 shark species, however, only three are responsible for a number of fatal, unprovoked attacks on humans: the white shark, tiger shark, and bull shark.

There is an article published by Scuba Diving Magazine, that presents a detailed list and pictures of everyday items that actually kill more people per year than sharks. Here, we have summarized the list for you.


Sharks killed 8 people in 2015, selfies and selfie sticks killed 12.

Half of these people died by falling, as a result of being distracted by their cell phone screen trying to get a selfie.

Ten selfies that later ended in tragedy


One of the main causes of suffocation, especially in children, is by putting objects in the mouth, food, toys, etc.

Thus, 77 children a year choke to death trying to eat a hot dog.


There are 10,000 injuries per year on escalators, but only 10 from shark attacks.

Normally these accidents are caused by getting entangled or getting stuck with some of their clothes causing serious injuries to people.


About 42 deaths a year occur from falling from the toilet or children drowning in it, so it is advisable to take precautions to avoid tragic accidents in bathrooms.


Hippos kill 2,900 people per year.

In some cases their attacks are accidental, such as the overturning of boats due to their large size when they get too close to them, but mainly the attacks are intentional since they are very aggressive animals, especially when their young are close.


Every year the vending machines cause the death of 13 people, by falling on them and crushing them.

Normally this happens when people hit it hard when products are stuck.


With incorrect temperature settings kill an average of 100 people per year.


450 people die each year from falling out of their beds. Hospitals report that young children and the elderly are at greatest risk, due to their lack of stability.


150 people a year die from falling from palm trees.

They can weigh up to 2 kilos and taking into account the height from which they fall, they weigh up to a ton of force when falling, becoming a deadly weapon.

Watch out for coconuts!!!


They causes 24 deaths per year. 1/3 of those accidents occur on weddings.

The vast majority of them occur at weddings.

As you can see, there is more chance of dying due to one of these 10 things than as a result of a shark attack.

Sharks attacks are not as common as we think

Around 80 unprovoked shark attacks are reported worldwide every year and there are only an average of 5 shark-related deaths per year.

According with the Australian Shark Attack File for unprovoked attacks in Australia and the International Shark Attack File for unprovoked attacks in all other regions (Last Updated: 19 February 2015) there has been only 439 fatal attacks since 1958.

Sharks are beautiful ! but they have been misunderstood.   “They are insanely powerful and beautiful creatures that deserve more than ignorance.” 

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