Stand-up Paddle Board Tours

Recently Costa Rica Dive and Surf began offering Costa Ballena Stand-Up Paddleboard Tours in response to increased demand and the discovery of some great local spots to paddleboard. Naturally, since paddleboarding is something we enjoy doing ourselves, we decided to buy the equipment and find the necessary guides to offer these amazing unique tours.

Costa Ballena Stand-Up Paddleboarding:

Paddleboarding allows you to go places you never could before due to its small water displacement, width and general portability. Our Costa Ballena Paddleboarding Tours embrace that concept. Whether it’s a river or a sea cave, you’ll be able to experience specific environments very few people have.

Baru River Paddleboard Tour
Directly adjacent to Dominical is the cool and calm Baru River. During the high season, less turbulent waters from lack of rain leaves the river placid and inviting. Depending on the level of water in the river, the tour may begin at different spots along its length, allowing our clients to access to as much as the river allows. Costa Rica and Dominical in particular are so diverse meteorologically and environmentally that a totally different environment could only be a hundred yards away, allowing you to experience differing animal life and microclimates. Our Baru River Paddleboard Tour is only $50 per person and leaves from our Dominical dive shop

Playa Ventanas Paddleboard Tour
Located south of Uvita, Ventanas Beach is hands down the coolest beach on the Costa Ballena. Secluded and sequestered at the end of a small valley facing the Pacific, Playa Ventanas has relatively calm waters and boasts several caves both adjacent to the beach as well as offshore. The only way you will ever see these offshore caves is on a paddleboard. Discovered by a local while paddling, these coastal caves are just incredible.. We highly recommend this tour if you have some paddleboard experience because you will be able to get more out of the tour, visiting some breathtaking places. The Playa Ventanas Paddleboard Tour costs $75 per person and leaves from our Uvita dive shop.

SUP and Snorkel Tour
Our new Dominical SUP and Snorkel Tour gives clients the best of both worlds on one tour. Playa Dominicalito’s inviting waters are the perfect spot for launching on your SUP, and the bay and coastal mountain views from the water are spectacular. Located just outside the bay are several small rock islands that are chocked full of aquatic life. This tour is quickly becoming one of our favorites, as we can offer it at almost any time due to its proximity to both our shops and the fact it’s not dependent on the tides. Its $75 per person for our SUP and Snorkel Tour, and the tour can originate from either of our dive shops.

Private SUP Boat Tours
We do offer some private tours that can access some great paddleboard areas only reachable reasonably by boat. These tours require a group minimum of four people and cost $120 per person but are well worth it. These tours are personalized and can be catered to the client’s desires and skill level. These tours may originate from either dive shop. Inquire with our dive shop crew about schedules and availability.

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