Project AWARE: What was the global AWARE week and how to get involved

Global AWARE week was an initiative of the Project AWARE. The event was a collaboration between two organizations that have numerous things in common; PADI®- Professional Association of Diving Instructors and Project AWARE®.

Project AWARE is a non-profit organization that has been around since 1992.

It was first established as way to bring attention to the problem of pollution in the world’s oceans. PADI® is a well-known organization that trains and certifies drivers to ensure that safe practices are always adhere to.

Global AWARE Week officially kicked off this past September 15th and ran through the 23rd of 2018. All of the major events centered around bringing attention to the many different activities focused on ocean conservation.

By teaming up with an organization like PADI®, Project AWARE immediately have access to hundreds of thousands of divers. Who better to deliver the message of the dire need for putting an end to all of polluting of the oceans.

Which marine life are especially vulnerable to pollution?

While there are many, many different species of animals and other creatures that call the oceans their home, a big focus for the people at the AWARE Project is on how all of the added pollution is affecting the sharks and rays that live in the world’s oceans.

The idea behind Global AWARE Week was to bring together diver’s from all over the globe to help bring about change through education.

The idea of Global AWARE Week was to globally empower people who are passionate about saving the oceans. How ? by introducing them to activities that they can get involved in. Whether it is in the area they live or simply making better choices that will impact the oceans in an indirect way, every little bit counts.

How can you or anyone get involved in similar initiatives ?

While this years Global AWARE Week has already passed, it does not mean that you cannot get involved. There are always ways that you and your organization, resort or if you own your own dive shop.

The easiest way is to visit the Project AWARE website and contact them directly.

You will find literally hundreds of conservation initiatives, ideas and comming events regarding the ocean protection and conservation.

Things to do that can make a difference

Everything we do as people can have a direct or indirect impact on the environment. Understanding how some of the things that we do impact the world’s oceans can go along ways in helping to reverse the damage that has already been done.

There are a number of small ways that everyone can do that can a difference. For example, become a debris activist, avoid using all single-use plastics containers. Maybe you can make more responsible seafood choices.

Support Project AWARE

Do you operate a resort or know someone who does ? Then you could get involved. For example, you could sponsor a number of different conservation activities that encourage participants to be more responsible when it comes anything that could possibly affect the oceans.

The best weapon is education. The more you reach out to people in the local communities the better off our oceans will be for many years to come.

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