Drone footage at Caño Island, the best diving place in Costa Rica.

Have a look of this amazing drone footage at Caño Island.

This Island is considered by many divers as probably the best diving place in Costa Rica.  The Shark Cave, The Devil’s Pinnacle and The Shipwreck are some of the greatest diving spots in the island.

Drone footage at Caño Island

In this Drone footage at Caño Island you will be able to see spectacular shots of the beach, the reefs and the natural forest.

To learn more about the island and the main diving spots the article Caño Island a unique diving experience, may interest you.

Would you like to visit the island ?

Costa Rica Dive and Surf is one of the few dive centers lucky enough to be allowed access this spectacular island. The Island is located 40 miles off the coast and protected by the Costa Rican government for over 25 years.

We have tours to the island almost every day. If you would like to visit the island for a diving or snorkel experience you can join one of our tours. See the details here.

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