Caño Island, a unique diving experience

If you are looking for an exciting adventure and diving experience, then Caño Island is the place to be. Situated in Costa Rica, it is frequented by many tourists every year.

The Caño Island is a biological reserve that covers an area of 300 land hectares. The area belongs to the Puntarenas that lies on the Pacific Ocean in front of the Corcovado national Park that is 20 kilometers from the Osa Peninsula. The island holds an archaeological and geological importance, as it is a refuge for the migratory birds and even protects the wide marine environment with its fauna.

Many people consider Caño Island to provide the best diving in the whole of Costa Rica. The species that are found in Galapagos Island also exist here. There are a range of amazing diving attractions that comprise of 15 to 18 exotic reefs and 80 rocky formations. The formations are of volcanic origin where you will find cup coral, head corals and even sea fans. However, only 5 dive sites and 10 divers are open to the public.

The attractive aspect of Caño Island is that it is home to reef fish and open ocean fish. Depending on the time of the year, you can also view bull sharks, reef sharks, silky sharks and occasionally whale sharks as well. Moreover, you will come across large manta rays and other creatures like parrot fish, moray eels, and puffers. Though the visibility and currents are unusual, the visibility is still good enough to enjoy the ocean view.

Some top Diving Destinations in the Caño Island

1. Cueva Del Tiburon (Shark Cave)

This is a very exciting dive spot. Being a small cave, it is home to sharks. So you will not penetrate into the cave, but will swim up close enough to view the sharks inside the cave. Not only sharks, you will get to view other cool creatures like damsels, parrotfish, and damsels. There are also over 5 different types of eels found here as well.

2. El Bajo Del Diablo (The Devil’s Pinnacle)

This is a huge area having many sites and it is the best site to visit on a good day. The tall rocky pinnacles rise from the depth of 150 ft from just under 20 ft. You will also come across breathtaking peaks and valleys. The best part is that you can swim along reef sharks, jacks, barracuda and encounter creatures like Snappers, Groupers and Giant Mantas too.

3. El Barcohundido (The Shipwreck)

This spot has been nicknamed ‘El Sharko’ since it home to a huge number of sharks. There are a variety of rock formations and the fish life is abundant too. It will allow you to view the well camouflaged rock scorpion fish. This is the ideal spot to dive to encounter giant sting rays, white tip reef sharks and the occasional sea turtle.

4. The Coral Gardens at Barcohundido

When you take a short swim towards El Barco you will come across the Coral Gardens. It is home to the biggest concentration of hard corals. The amazing part of this site that you can dive towards 15 to 30 feet and explore many of the mesmerizing reef creatures here.

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