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¿Surf School in Costa Rica? When people think of Costa Rica, one of the first things that might come to their mind is Surfing. This is logical since in our country surfing is practiced in the 1200 km of both coasts.







Best Surf in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica there are approximately 600 beaches. In most of them waves are formed. In most of them the waves are suitable for surfing.

There are many different types of waves in Costa Rica. We have beachbreaks and points that break in both directions and for impressively long distances. The warm waters and sandy bottoms make the sessions very safe and comfortable on most of the beaches. However, when the swells arrive it is important to pay attention since the size of the waves increases considerably as well as their quality.

Learning Surf in Costa Rica

There are different ways to learn to surf. Some people decide to learn from the basics and with the help of an instructor while some others embark on the adventure of learning on their own.

It is fair to say that with perseverance both will reach their goal. However, those who learn from a certified instructor will save time and effort, learn in a safer way and will be enjoying riding the waves in no time.

If a person decides to learn to surf on his own, we always recommend that he take at least one orientation lesson in which he learns the basic skills and safety rules before beginning his learning process.

Surf school in Costa Rica

If you have the time and want to take surf lessons in Costa Rica, it is important that you know that learning is something that takes place by levels.

In the world of surfing learning has been specifically divided into three levels by the International Surf Association. These levels are: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Beginner Level

A student is considered a beginner when he has not had previous experience in surfing. Also, if his surfing practice has been interrupted and he have not developed the necessary skills to run the waves on his own.

At the beginner level most of the work is done in white water and the wave is run perpendicular to the shoreline.

At our surf school, the surf lessons consists of a theoretical part and a practical part.

The THEORY takes place in our facilities or on the beach in front of the surf spot.

The beginner level of the surf school includes the following topics

  • History of surfing,
  • The surfboard and its parts.
  • The types of wave and how to identify them,
  • Aspects related to the safety of the participants.
  • General explanation about the activity to be carried out in the water.
Surf School Students in Costa Rica
Surf School Students holding their surfboards in Costa Rica

The instructor will demonstrate proper paddling technique and how to stand up on the board. Then exercises will be practiced on land in preparation for later doing them in the water.

The PRACTICE takes place at sea from one of the local beaches. We usually offer lessons from the Marino Ballena National Park but other beaches we commonly visit are Dominical, Dominicalito and Hermosa.

These are the best surf spots in the South Pacific.

During practice the instructor will stay with the students at all times to ensure their safety and learning.

The main goal is to stand up in as many waves as possible.

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Intermediate Level

A student is considered intermediate level after his fifth class and based on the development of basic skills.

During the intermediate lesson some key concepts are reviewed but the main focus is to run the wave parallel to the shore and try to stay in it as long as possible.

The instructor stays with the student for most of the training. Occasionally the instructor will go to the beach to make observations and corrections.

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Advanced Level – Photo session included

Advanced level lessons take place on the lineup. It seeks to correct bad habits and at this point the student must know how to propel himself through the pump in the wave to gain speed.

A video of the session is recorded with a drone or a photo session is taken in order to better analyze what needs to be improved.

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If you have any question about the Surf School in Costa Rica or specific questions about the Surf Lessons, please send us a message or give us a call.

We will be more than happy to talk with you and help you in taking your next step in surfing!