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Caño Island Scuba Diving and Liveaboard

Are you a diver who enjoys liveaboard? Then, the Costa Dive and Surf Catamaran Tour can be a great experience for you!

It is common to end the day of diving at Caño Island and feel a deep desire to explore more of this wonderful place. That feeling motivated us to offer a tour of more than one day aboard a beautiful liveaboard Catamaran!

Catamaran Tour Information

2 days and 1 night on the Catamaran.
5 dives or 5 snorkels (or a combination of both)
Tickets required to enter the Caño Island Biological Reserve.
Sailing Trip (optional)
Snacks, delicious Food and Drinks
Dive guide sevice
Diving equipment
Accommodation in double occupancy


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Catamaran Tour Details

Caño Island is one of the best diving destinations in Costa Rica. The island has 7 dive sites open to the public, where large aggregations of fishes, frequent visits of sea turtles and the 99% guaranteed presences of sharks and rays make diving and snorkel activities a very special experience!

Caño Island Tourist Destination
Caño Island, Costa Rica
Fishes at Caño Island
Aggregations of fishes at Caño Island, Costa Rica
Turtle at Caño Island during Snorkeling
Turtle swimming at Caño Island
Cano island Scuba Diving
Shark at Caño Island

It is common to end the day of diving and feel a deep desire to explore more of this wonderful place. That feeling motivates us to offer tours of more than one day aboard a beautiful liveaboard Catamaran.

Catamaran Tour to Caño Island, Costa Rica

If sailing is your thing, you can choose the option to sail from Uvita to Caño Island with Kabuki, the Catamaran Sail Boat. If you choose this option you get to spent the night before the tour on the catamarán to start sailing early in the morning the next day to Caño Island.

The navigation time from Bahía Ballena is about 5 hours and during that time is easy to watch dolphins and whales.

Tour Map to Caño Island
The Trip to Caño Island Takes around 5 hours

However, if you prefer to skip the sailing part of the tour, we offer you the possibility to join one of our speed boats going on a daily bases to Caño Island and meet the Catamaran there. Using this option you need to be at 7am in our office in Uvita the day of the tour.

Regardless of how you get to Caño Island, you will have two dives the first day and three dives the second day. We will return you to Uvita using a speed boat the next day by 4pm.

The Kabuki, a beautiful Catamaran

Catamaran Tour Costa Rica Caño Island
“The Kabuki” – Catamaran Tour, Costa Rica Dive and Surf

With enough volume to let a crew live large, this 2013 catamaran carries the comforts to provide an unforgettable and relaxing experience to our customers.

The comfort of the Lagoon 400 construction is warranted as it was specifically designed to provide comfort and luxury for sailors looking for a home out on the water.

It has 4 comfortable double occupancy cabins with a private restroom each. One of the cabins is for the crew while the other three are available for our guests (maximum 6 people).

Catamaran Tour Cabin
Confortable cabins like this one available for guests
Lagoon Catamaran cabin distribution
Catamaran cabin and galley distribution

The cabins and lounge area are spacious and adorned with comfortable furnishings while the galley is fully equipped for cooking requirements. We will make sure you enjoy the delicious food prepared by our chef aboard the catamarán. All together, make the Catamaran Tour a very relaxing experience..

Catamaran Galley
Catamaran Galley invites to social activity and conversation

The 400 invites social activity and conversation, almost creating the illusion that the entire vessel is a floating family recreational room.

Diving with Costa Rica Dive and Surf on a Liveaboard

With more than 15 years of experience offering dive tours at Caño Island we have learned how to provide quality, safety and fun in each one of our tours. We are very exited to enjoy with you the additional experience of a liveaboard at Caño Island.

To carry out the dives we have a 27 foot boat equipped with a 250 horsepower motor and enough space for all the equipment. GPS, sonar, radio, emergency oxygen kit and all the the equipment that a dive boat must have will be at your service during the dives.

Diving from a liveaboard has many advantages. The first is the possibility of diving early in the morning and be the first divers to visit the dive sites. Another advantage is that we can do more dives and visit more sites so we can explore more!.

Finally, we will have more time to explain you all about the marine life of Caño Island and what are our efforts to help conserve and protect this underwater treasure.

Rent a Catamaran in Costa Rica and sail to Caño Island

If your are looking to rent the hole catamaran for you, your family and friends we offer personalized tours to Caño Island or other places in Costa Rica. Tell us what do you want and we will make our best to make it happen at the best price possible!

Catamaran Tour Packages


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Save with a Private Tour
(up to 6 people)


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We are very flexible in terms of options so if you have something in mind write us a message to make you a quote.